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Load Management Schedule

Fri Sep 30 05:06:22 CDT 2016

Today Program Type Probability Expected Time
CI C&I with GenSet Unlikely Undetermined
CI Interruptible Irrigation Unlikely Undetermined
CI Interruptible Metered C&I Unlikely Undetermined
CPP Critical peak pricing Unlikely Undetermined
Residential Cycled Air Conditioning Unlikely Undetermined
Residential Interruptible Water Heating Unlikely Undetermined
Next Day Program Type Probability Expected Time
All loads Undetermined
Control times are subject to change as weather conditions and other variables affecting the load change.
All times are approximate.
Control times and probability displayed here are only for load control initiated by Great River Energy.Load control initiated by your local cooperative is not reflected on this page.  
Last Updated: 09/30/2016 07:00
Please contact your distribution cooperative with questions or concerns.