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Shed Counts

Wed Dec 19 02:19:02 CST 2018

Shed counts are published to help cooperative technicians troubleshoot potential receiver problems. Each radio receiver used to shed load keeps track of how many times it has shed each relay it controls. Cooperative technicians are equipped with special devices used to read the counts on the receivers. Comparing the number of counts logged on the receiver to the number published here they are able to verify receiver operation. Every few months often the counts here and on the receivers are reset to zero. The reset date can be found at the bottom of this page.  
Program Type Count
C&I with GenSet 12
Interruptible Irrigation 49
Interruptible Metered C&I 12
Interruptible Water Heating 144
North Dual Fuel 71
South Dual Fuel 64
Interruptible Crop Driers 9
Last shed count reset: 01/20/2015