Load Management Schedule

Fri Jul 19 01:24:12 CDT 2019
TodayProgram TypeProbabilityExpected Time
CIC&I with GenSetLikelyUndetermined
CIInterruptible IrrigationLikelyUndetermined
CIInterruptible Metered C&ILikelyUndetermined
ResidentialCycled Air ConditioningLikelyUndetermined
ResidentialInterruptible Water HeatingLikelyUndetermined

Next DayProgram TypeProbabilityExpected Time

Control times are subject to change as weather conditions and other variables affecting the load change.
All times are approximate.
Control times and probability displayed here are only for load control initiated by Great River Energy.Load control initiated by your local cooperative is not reflected on this page.  
Last Updated: 07/18/2019 16:10
Please contact your distribution cooperative with questions or concerns.